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#1 - © Karelian Blonde said:
2006-08-25 19:59 -

© Karelian BlondeThe brooms have probably been outsourced as everything else these days :-| cynical mumbling

#2 - Andy Rambling 2006-08-25 21:06 -

Andy Ramblingheheh most likely not as 'recyclable' as the machines which can have a whole process associated with them and connected to an ISO 9001 certifications etc... ;-)

#3 - joanna said:
2006-08-26 03:35 -

joannaBummer! At least it happened on a day you had to be up!

#4 - guyana-gyal said:
2006-09-01 17:19 -

guyana-gyalI think people are afraid of silence. That's my theory anyway.

#5 - Andy Rambling 2006-09-01 18:53 -

Andy RamblingI agree, I'm no real fan of silence as it can be deafening. But, there is noise and there is noise, and this isn't on the no no list.

#6 - guyana-gyal said:
2006-09-08 14:43 -

guyana-gyalThere's a place in Guyana, in the hinterlands, where you can actually hear the's like being in a vacuum. There really is absolutely no sound. I like it. hehe.

#7 - Andy Rambling 2006-09-08 17:56 -

Andy RamblingI don't think I could stay in a place like that, living in a big city you get used to a certain noise level, so when It's all silent, it gets noisier... very odd I know, but it's like that..

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